Sunday, April 05, 2009


Brady has been seizure free for 300 days! It was exactly one year ago that he was released from the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and what a difference a year makes. Brady has had only one seizure since starting the new medication and thankfully he gulps down his Keppra twice a day with no complaints.

It's hard to explain the shift in our quality of life over the past year. Brady used to have what we called his good days about once a week. He was happy and content the whole day and we would take him to the park, the store or a restaurant without much worry. The rest of the time he would seem to be in some sort of distress. He was irritable and tired and seemed sensitive to loud noises. We babied him on those days and prayed he wouldn't seize. I think he must have had horrible headaches a lot of the time.

Today he pops out of bed every morning with a huge grin and goes about the business of being a 3-year old boy. He is obsessed with vehicles - the bigger or louder the better. He loves wrestling, TV and stroller rides to the park, In N Out, or Barnes & Noble. He loves going to school and playing with Jessica in the afternoons. He adores other kids and doggies he sees in the neighborhood.

(giving Mom directions to the park)

Brady is thriving physically and is a pro at walking now. There is less and less carrying and more hand holding. So much has happened that I thought might never be possible. With all of the strides Brady has made there are certainly new issues that have popped up. We now need to turn our attention to his behavior and the fact that he has regressed over the past year with respect to speech and sign language. But I am thankful that we are able to focus on other areas proactively rather than just surviving each day.

Look at this kid. Not a care in the world - just as it should be.


Treguboff Family said...

It's about time! Yay! Congratulations on 300 days. That is so awesome. We had a great time with you guys at the train park. Hopefully we can get together again real soon! Give Brady a big hug and smooch from us! Love the Treguboff's!

jane said...

that is soooo awesome! I realized while reading the beginning of your post that I hadn't looked at Brady's "no seizure update" in ages. it seems the last time I checked it was at 100 gosh, it's gone so fast!!!

What an incredible year for your little buddy, and you guys ~ adorable pictures!

I hope we get to see you guys this summer!!!

{hint, hint}

onceapickle said...

WOO-HOO! What an amazing milestone. I am so happy for you all.

Cute pictures of the little man...he's getting so big! I love that he's giving you directions to the park. These boys, they know EXACTLY what they want, don't they?

Big hugs to you all. Miss you.

tonya said...

It's so funny, because I was just looking at your blog yesterday and thought, wow! They are almost at one year free of seizures. That is so awesome. It sounds like Brady is doing awesome. I'm so glad you are enjoying every minute of him.

dara said...

Jeff and I are so so happy for you guys. Brady looks great. We need to see you guys soon. Maybe we can come up to your neck of the woods this weekend or next. Hope all is well.

Ericka said...

What an amazing little kid! Congrats on 300 days!

Michelle said...

I am so glad you finally posted again! YAY almost 1 year since Brady had a seizure...that's awesome! I love you all and can't wait to see you in a few months! :)

themacmomma said...

I love his little crossed legs! What a cute kid!
I'm so glad he is doing so much better!