Friday, November 09, 2007

Quick Update

Wow, time flies! The good thing about posting so infrequently is that I get to report on several milestones that Brady has achieved in the past few months. At my last post Brady was 20 months old and just learning to sit up on his own. A few months later and check this out...
Yes, this is Brady standing on his own during a physical therapy session. He started crawling on his second birthday and is now pulling himself up on furniture and cruising around as long as he has something to hold on to. We don't typically dress Brady in half of a monkey suit but this picture was taken on Halloween and it was just too hot here in Phoenix to wear the whole costume.

Brady seems to have had a huge burst in development after what seemed like an extremely long time with nothing new happening. Sometimes it is hard to see the progress when you spend so much time with your child each day. I am not a patient person and this is something Brady is helping me learn every single day. I remember when he had just turned one and was still barely holding his head up and trying to roll over. We were waiting for a diagnosis and I had this recurring fantasy that I would go in his room to pick him up from a nap and I would find him standing in his crib holding onto the rails. I even moved the mattress down so he wouldn't fall out of the crib when this big miracle happened. I realized the other day that Brady's miracle did happen, just not on my own time frame. I am still trying to get used to him just "appearing" in different places of the house. I love seeing him assert himself and just crawl over to play with whatever he decides he wants. Lately when the house gets too quiet I almost always find him doing this...
Brady is always sneaking off to his room and pulling every book off the shelf. He truly loves books and while he prefers that Troy and I read to him he will entertain himself like this for at least twenty minutes a few times each day. Brady is still nonverbal and struggles to learn things every day of his life. We noticed, though, that he alway "reads" his books with the right side up. He knows what the words and pictures are supposed to look like! This is good enough for me, for now. I'm still trying to work on this thing called patience.


Anonymous said...

Cute picture Kajsa. I want one of you and Brady in front of the fireplace. Fun update-- keep up the good work.

Love, Dad

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to BRADY on big accomplishments. Kajsa, you're looking great, when did your hair get so long? If you want to know what I want for Christmas, it's that picture of you and Brady. Great blog!

Love, Mom & Grandma

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your own little miracle! Brady is getting so big. You look great, its good to see you again too. Keep up the blogging! Thanks to Mary for sending everyone the link.

Kern River

The Pie's said...

Your little boy is so cute. I can totaly relate to your situation! Does he have a dx? Our little girl has been through so much testing, but no findings yet. She just turned 3 and just barely started walking. She is such a joy to us though. Take care and good luck. (I am a friend of Carolyns)

themacmomma said...

Hello dear!
I'm glad to see you updated! I haven't been back for a while!
I hear you on the patience sister! It's interesting that no matter the challenge, the part of our character that needs the most work is what gets challenged!!!
I'm glad that Brady is doing so well. The same thing happened with my niece. She went YEARS with nothing then, boom, sprouted in a ton of ways.
We hope you have a good holiday!