Wednesday, January 09, 2008


We had a fabulous Christmas which included a two week trip to Salt Lake City and my first two week vacation in... um... ever? Our digital camera is in the shop for six weeks (unbelievable) so we dragged the ol' Canon Rebel film camera with us and then ruined all of our film in airport security. No bloggie pictures for you, Grandma. Sorry. I will post more about our holiday fun later because all I can think about this week is a sick toddler.

I have a huge issue with blog procrastination and this camera issue is not helping. I have to wait until I have taken 24 pictures, drop off film and pick up a disc in order to upload any current pictures. Fortunately (or should I say UNfortunately), I do have a picture from a few months ago that can stand in to represent what has been going on at our house the last few days.

Our little guy is so sick! The doctor said his ears look fine and it must be RSV so there is nothing we can do but alternate Tylenol and Motrin for his fever. Brady's to-do list over the last 48 hours looks something like this:

  1. Sleep for one hour
  2. Scream for ten minutes or until Mom/Dad has rocked me sufficiently
  3. If feeling nice, take three sips of juice
  4. If medicine is administered, scream for an additional ten minute interval
  5. Then, if Mom is rocking me, pass out. If Dad is rocking me, pass out unless I see, hear or think about Mom in which case, commence additional screaming interval
  6. Officially pass out as long as someone is sleeping under or next to me and the humidifier is blowing directly in my face
  7. Repeat

Troy has been such a trooper considering he doesn't get to escape to the office for 8 to 10 hours each day. He has been insisting that I sleep most of the night while he takes care of Brady since he is co-napping most of the day. We can't figure out what exactly is going on with the Bubbies other than the fact that he is severely congested and doesn't yet know how to blow his nose. He absolutely panics every time he wakes and but will calm down eventually since the screaming seems to dislodge a shocking quantity of mucous.

This is not a very interesting post but when the Bubbies ain't happy, nobody's happy! I am really wondering how how people pull this off with more than one child. Any suggestions from my numerous (two) readers?


Anonymous said...

wow, you decorted your blog! you have an amazing sense of humor and are the world's best mom. just hang in there and give troy an extra hug.

JKG666 said...

Sorry the little guy's under the weather. We sure had fun with him over Xmas.

themacmomma said...

Um, no advice from me, but I will give you sympathy! That sucks!
I hope he is better now... I've yet to read the most recent post... I have to start from where I left off last!
I'm glad you had a good break for Christmas and were able to take so much time off! Wish we could meet up again! Someday huh?

Jane said...

You have 3 readers now - well, actually 4 with Dusty & I! So sorry to hear your little buddy had RSV - no fun at all, I've had two babies go through that. ugh. The only good thing about it, it will end at some point. And as far as having more than one kid to take care of, it can be absolutely insane at times!!! But, totally worth it. :-) Take care!