Tuesday, January 29, 2008

On the Blogging Bandwagon Part II

It's true. I cook, I clean, I change diapers, and now I blog. Now that I got that off my chest I need a break. Sorry no pictures...haven't learned that one yet. (It's a marathon not a sprint.)
For the record Kajsa wrote the title and she should know better than to say I'm on anyones bandwagon...especially during this time of year...GO PATRIOTS.


Kajsa said...

Congratulations on your first post. Now all you have to do is figure out how to get videos on this thing and you will score major points with Grandma (and me) :-)

onceapickle said...

Yeah Troy! And if you ask me, the fact that you cook, and clean, and change diapers, and blog only makes you cooler. Glad you hopped on the bandwagon.

For Chris's sake I'll say, "GO PACKERS!"

Jane said...

We're glad you caved. Blogging is a good addiction, and I love when the he/she both blog, gives more perspective!

Dusty Rhodes said...

Hey Troy... you left out the part about soap operas and eating bon-bons.... :)

themacmomma said...

Yea for blogging!
We rooted for your Patriots yesterday. Bummer, but an exciting game... It was all such a blur I'm wondering if they ever really showed up at the superbowl! It took them until the 3rd quarter to make any noise!!!