Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Where oh where has my baby gone? I knew Brady might be mobile enough to do this but I had no idea he was tall enough and coordinated enough to pop up on his tip-toes and reach my stuff on the bathroom counter.

Despite the loss of some of my eye shadow it was quite a thrill (yeah, I don't get out much) to find this mess because it felt so normal. This all prompted Troy to start installing the baby-proofing stuff that we got as a gift when Brady was born and have waited so patiently to use. There were so many times we looked at that pile of little white plastic thingies and asked ourselves if we would ever need them. Yes we do!


Jane said...

Brady, the mummy! This milestone could last awhile, but I'm glad you enjoy this, because I could easily spend a large portion of my day following Sela around as she destroys! And I have to find and/or muster up the patience to deal with it.

I love his smile, as he's laying on the floor wrapped in T.P!

Michelle said...

I love this picture of Brady! It sounds like things are going a little better for him. I love you all!

themacmomma said...

I'm glad you get to experience the frustration of gobbs of TP all over your house!!! Hopefully it doesn't all make it into the toilet at once!!!

onceapickle said...

Yea for toddler messes! Just wait...next it will be shoes in the toilet and finger nail polish on the carpet. I remember one time when Carolyn was at my house and went to use the bathroom and there were forks in the toilet. He, he!