Friday, February 29, 2008

More Signing Time & Sunny Days

We recently moved a mirror onto the floor since gazing at himself is Brady's current #1 hobby. I always catch him signing to himself and, I'm not even kidding, saw him laugh and sign "mom" in his sleep the other night. I'm sure I was telling a HILARIOUS joke in his dreams ;-) In reality, he laughs when I bend over and groan so I'm sure that's what was going on in his head.
Signing "hungry"...This is the sign for "hat" which Brady also uses as the sign for "dad." Both signs are done on the head and I'm positive Brady uses them interchangeably because Troy ALWAYS wears a hat. Brady's face lights up at the sight of any hat and then he signs "hat/dad" and starts looking around the house for Troy. He is pretty much just calling Troy "hat" if you think about it. This one's got a sense of humor!
Brady's current signs:

brush teeth
thank you
all done
brush hair

I think Brady's priorities in life are obvious by this list. He has all of the boy basics covered!

Kissy kissy!


Erin said...

These are all so darling. That is so amazing about him signing - I have always admired those who teach/learn sign language! And was that swimming shot really just taken? - it doesn't seem real that my 'warm weather' shots still have snow in them, and your's are of a swimming pool - so weird!!

Kajsa said...

Yes I really did take the pool pictures today... crazy! We have to take advantage of the pool now because the water will be too hot for Brady to swim in come summer time. Apparently no one has invented a pool chiller.

Jane said...

I think it's so awesome that Brady can sign. I've always wanted to teach my babies to sign when I read articles in magazines about it, but have never followed through with it.

I love that you guys can swim right now! Enjoy it for all of us!

Sara said...

So so cute! Such darling pics of your boys, Kajsa! Tell Troy Hi... it's been ages since I have seen you!

And way to go, Brady! That is sooo great! I have signed (minimally) with all my boys (as babies) just because there are so many advantages to being able to communicate before they can talk verbally. You get insight into what they are thinking that you wouldn't know about otherwise.

Brady is a DARLING little boy and I am so proud of him and both of you for his awesome accomplishments! :)

themacmomma said...

Awe, love the photos! Especially the one of Brady and his 'hat'!
Now, is 'sorry' REALLY in a boy's vocab!!! Kidding!