Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Phoenix Anyone?

My mom just called to schedule a visit in early March. Yippee! Brady loves visits from Grandma. She used to watch him three days a week when Troy and I were both working and Brady has been so attached to her ever since. He loves to listen to her voicemails on our answering machine and demands "more, more, more" in sign language. Troy and I also love Mom's visits because she always insists we take a few date nights while she is here and it's always fun to watch our visitors soak up the sun we sometimes take for granted.

Can you believe our weather forecast? Is this just plain cruel to all of you up north? Carolyn, did I tell you my little brother is on a Rochester-area mission? So far he has been in very rural areas (currently in Warsaw) so I don't get the impression he is near where you live.

Anyway, here's to sending some sunshine to Utah and NY! We will be wishing for your forecasts when our's approaches 120 this summer.


Jane said...

Thanks for rubbing it in! We had a "beautiful" weekend in the 40's, so take that! hehe. But, right now, it's blizzard conditions outside and we're supposed to have 2-5 inches of new snow by morning. We will continue to wear UGGS instead of flip-flops.

onceapickle said...

The sun...sigh.

The blizzard we're having that Jane referred to is so insane that Chris opted to just sleep at his parent's house tonight when it was 8:20 and he still hadn't made it out of West Valley trying to get home. There was a 10 car pile up out at the 4 corners by our house that closed down redwood road/SR-73 completely! People who lived in Eagle Mountain couldn't even go home. Then the visibility was so poor over the point of the mountain that they basically shut i-15 down too. It's been so crazy with the snow this year. Incredible!

Glad Grandma is coming for a visit. Hope you can get some great dates in and Brady can get his Grandma fix.

themacmomma said...

Um, ya, you just wait until those blasted summers arrive! Of course our summer last year was record high for us...

I didn't know your brother was serving here! Rochester is only an hour away! What is your maiden name? I think the Buffalo mission is a whole different mission, but you should ask him! We'll totally have him for dinner! We do have friends, the Ormbsby's, that live in Rochester right now. Small world!

You two deserve some dates! Yea for Grandmas!!!