Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Seizure Update

Just thought I would check in quickly and let everyone know that, due to an alarming number of seizures in the past 24 hours, Brady has been re-admitted to the Epilepsy Monitoring Unit at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix.

This is not a bad thing. This is not a scary hospital stay. The type of seizures Brady is having are not dangerous to his health in any way. They are just stressful and in need of being figured out.

We have never been able to record one of Brady's seizures while he is hooked up to an EEG machine and therefore our neurologist is to some extent flying blind when helping us pick the right course of treatment. We stayed in the EMU for three days in October and Brady had no seizure activity whatsoever to record. Instead, he was happy as a clam (see below) and the nurses treated him like a rock star because they don't typically take care of little ones.

This morning our doctor met with us for almost an hour and a half and patiently answered each and every question. I love him for this. It's so rare to get undivided attention from physicians. The EMU is usually booked out at least a month and somehow our Dr.'s staff got us squeezed in at the last minute. I came in to the office this afternoon to check in with some clients and Troy just called me to say they already have recorded one seizure. How strange is it that we were both pumping our fists and yelling "YES! HE HAD ANOTHER ONE!" This EEG information will be extremely helpful in determing exactly what type of seizures Brady is dealing with and from which part of the brain they originate. Also, this means we won't have to spend an indefinite amount of time there - last time we only lasted three days trying to "corral" Brady in a little pen on the floor and keep him from pulling off his "special hat" and the wires underneath.

Brady is feeling pretty well. He is sleepy and cranky for an hour or two after each episode but is very much himself during different windows of time throughout the day. This morning we went to the park. Tonight we will spend the night in the hospital. Epilepsy is weird that way.

We know it will take some time to find the right meds but we are very hopeful and encouraged now. We still have many, many options to try which is a great thing.


Lindsay Bailey said...

UGH! I know how frustrating it is to "not know." I am glad that he is where he can receive help. I also understand why you would be excited to record a seizure on the EEG. Please know that he (and you guys) are in our thoughts and prayers.

Sara said...

What a great perspective you are able to maintain! Such an example! :)

I am crossing my fingers sending prayers and happy thoughts your way that they will be able to gather all the info they need to determmine an effective course of treatment. Keep hangin' tough! :)

onceapickle said...

My thoughts are bitter sweet...I'm sorry you guys are in the hospital and dealing with all of this, but I am SO happy for you that they got a seizure recorded! Hopefully it will all be worth it in the end. Take care guys, we're thinking of you!

Only a child could be so utterly adorable with their head completely covered in gauze bandage! That is the cutest picture of Brady ever. =)