Friday, March 21, 2008

100% Random

Not much to blog about this week. You know you're getting desperate to get out when your idea of an exciting Friday night consists of checking out the new Whole Foods store down the street. Here are some pics of a few of the people we run into each week...

This is Brady's physical therapist, Amber. Brady has worked with Amber twice a week for over a year now. I'm sure he considers her family because, without exception, he squeals with delight when we pull into the parking lot on Wednesday & Friday mornings. That stinker has even been known to give Amber extra hugs and kisses in attempts to distract her from particularly challenging sessions.

This is Betsy, Brady's new speech therapist. Speech has been especially challenging/frustrating but Betsy (along with Brady's feeding therapist Angie) never gives up! They are even traveling to the east coast this month for training which they think will help Brady work with them more effectively. We have a handful of other therapists we absolutely love but I don't have pictures yet!

Last but not least... Miss Jules, who despite her Diva appearance is actually very tolerant of BYU t-shirt wearing little neighbor boys :-)


Sara said...

Fun to see some of the great friends in Brady's life. Cutey-patootie! :)

Jane said...

hey, I would get excited about a Whole Foods store, too. I love their deli! {I'm an all-around geek.}

I love seeing these pictures & who works with Brady.

I just love his curls.

Happy Easter.

onceapickle said...

I love 100% random posts...i actually think they are my fave.

Cute pics of Brady (as usual). So cool he has such great therapists that he knows and loves. Can't believe he's getting so big.

Hope you had a bappy Easter!

themacmomma said...

Love seeing Brady's life!
That pup is cute and such a cute photo of B chillin' w/ her.

Anonymous said...

Brady I'm sorry your Dad dressed you in that horrible t-shirt. ha ha. Go Utes!!! Culls