Sunday, August 17, 2008

First Week of School

Tuesday was Brady's first day of school! He was so excited when we pulled up. Of course he started running the opposite way so he could get closer to the school buses.

What is up with little boys and large vehicles? He would have sat for hours watching the buses (another favorite spot is the airport pick up lane).

Can you tell which one of us had a hard time letting go?
He left us in the dust and marched into school.

Brady's teacher let us follow him into the classroom where he promptly ignored us and started smiling and bouncing on his butt for circle time. We left, I made Troy go look at some land in the west valley with me for work, then we headed back and picked Brady up four hours later.

The Brady we dropped off was NOT the Brady we picked up. He did great at circle time and, from what we heard, cried/fussed/slept the rest of the day. He wouldn't eat his snack or lunch so we made an emergency stop at Chic-Fil-A. Look at this exhausted boy.

Brady ate but wouldn't really respond to us in any way for several hours. He couldn't calm down and sleep until later that night. Troy and I were both so upset and worried. I held my breath the next morning when I pulled up to school once again. Just when I thought Brady would start screaming, he clapped and squealed. I couldn't believe he wanted to go back to school and when Troy picked him up later that day his teacher reported that "he had a phenomenal day."

Huuuuge sigh of relief. Thursday also went well and I swear this kid was so bored on Friday and over the weekend. I can't wait to drop him off on Monday morning!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Practice Run

This morning was Brady's pre-school orientation where we met his teacher, aids, school therapists and the other students. There will be 5 boys in the classroom and 4 adults (one teacher, two aids, and various therapists that will rotate in). We are seriously spoiled with that ratio and have been able to put aside many of our concerns. The teacher was very experienced and confident and had tomorrow's schedule written on the board. The classroom was adorable - I have never seen such a huge room full of miniature stuff. Everything was at toddler eye level, even the kitchen sink. Brady is one of the youngest and most delayed students so I know he is going to learn so much from the big boys. Tomorrow is the first official day of school so we'll see how things go.

Brady's favorite activity lately is helping us with dishes and laundry. In fact, I can get him to do almost anything if I call him my helper (oh, how I hope this stage lasts!). He was thrilled to discover that his classroom had several little kitchen and laundry centers.

Every toy in that room was in the kitchen sink after the first hour so Brady moved on to his second favorite activity, bouncing on his butt. Let's hope he soon figures out those chairs are for sitting.I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around the picture below. We don't follow behind Brady anymore with our arms hovering out to catch him. Still, I am usually close by and have never watched him walk from this perspective. "Walk" isn't even the correct word - look at him strutting his way down the school hallway!

If he could talk I'm pretty sure he would say What you looking at, Mom? Get outta the way!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Lazy Blogger Here...

I am having a hard time getting back into the blogging swing of things after coming back from our trip to Utah a few weeks ago. I keep starting a gigantic post with about 100 pictures from our trip and I never finish! I WILL eventually post it because we had such a great time I don't want to forget any details. In the mean time, we are doing great and managing to survive the heat. Troy and Brady are doing a lot of this...

And, of course, a lot of therapy...

My assignments at work lately have gotten really complicated and are always taking up more time than what I had planned. Luckily Brady has several therapy appointments near my office so I can usually see him at lunch if I can't make it home before bedtime. Still, it's hard on me to be away from him. He is getting so grown up, signing "mom" sometimes when Troy picks up the phone at home.

So please forgive me for checking in on my fellow bloggers via Google Reader and rarely leaving any comments. I love reading about all of your vacations and summer happenings and will be checking in properly very soon.