Friday, October 10, 2008

Tony Hawk Helmet

Fall is in the air and we are finally emerging from our summer hibernation. Since we live in Bizarro world we will be spending as much time outside as possible this winter. Brady has difficulty regulating his body temperature and this new addition to his wardrobe makes things even hotter…Brady’s physical therapist fitted him months ago for a specific helmet which had to be ordered through our insurance company. Thanks to a heap of red tape and bureaucracy, the helmet has never arrived, despite the fact that Troy ordered it in July. After Brady got, literally, a golf ball-sized lump on his head from a fall at school (one of many), I got very upset and angry with myself for not finding another helmet. Since it’s much easier to be angry at someone else, I blamed Troy. Not my finest moment. He rushed out and bought the Tony Hawk helmet.

A few nights later, I found him cutting up a tennis headband and hand-stitching it together. Troy will kill me for sharing this, but seriously... he hand-sewed this padding over the helmet’s clasp so it wouldn’t pinch or irritate Brady’s chin. I don’t know very many guys who would do something like this. So I am an even bigger turd than I previously thought for pointing my anger towards him. Check out his work...

Brady doesn't love wearing the helmet, but it’s allowing him so much more independence to cruise around without us hovering there to catch him.

He is walking really well these days. He cruises so fast and has a newfound confidence that, ironically, is making him more susceptible to falls. He does NOT like to hold hands and insists on doing everything his way. In fact, I think his little strut is turning into a full blown swagger.