Thursday, May 13, 2010

Potty Talk

The Potty Stool: $99.00 7 Stickers in 10 Days... Priceless!

Okay, so maybe he missed one important step (pants off)! But Brady can climb up on the potty all by himself without us having to utilize an expensive and bulky special needs toilet. We have been looking for potty training options which would accommodate a child who is older/larger than the average potty training-aged child and The Potty Seat is perfect. The supportive handles slide right off if you want adults to be able to use your guest bathroom. The stool can also be used by little ones to access the sink. Most importantly, it is helping bring Brady one step closer to being more independent. We have been working on this goal for about a year now and, although he doesn't communicate when he needs to go, we can usually sense the need for his #2 each day. The best part is, for a child with very low muscle tone in his trunk he is now able to eliminate more easily. We still use Miralax almost daily but the constipation issue has definitely eased with the use of the toilet for some reason.

That's enough poop talk - I just had to share this product because we have been searching for a really long time and love it.