Friday, March 14, 2008


Hmmm.. now that I read my previous post I think it could be taken a couple of different ways, one of which might be slightly offensive!

I actually had two separate thoughts when I made the post, 1) to poke fun at myself and 2) to recognize the fact that most of the kind readers and commentors of our posts are, in fact, friends from Granger High. I was in no way poking fun at anyone but myself.

Troy and I have been reading friends' blogs together and reminiscing so I guess I just have high school on the brain.

Sorry if it didn't come out right!


{jane} said...

what?!? Who was offended, us Granger High Alumni are a strangely tight-knit group, We are gangsta's at heart baby! hehe..

jenn said...

Right, right...we all know you were insulting our intelligence and the level of quality education available from a school where drive-by shootings and janitors selling drugs are the norm.


p.s.- no offense taken here! I'm full of W.V.C. pride! =)