Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Where Is The Man Tag?

Troy, we are all anxiously awaiting your tag! I know you have been preoccupied by your NCAA brackets as you are trying to beat my picks at least once in your lifetime. But some of us really want to see more stuff about you on this blog.

I know you started working on it the other night and got frustrated by how long it might take after you spent a good ten minutes rewording "I got tagged by Kajsa and Jane" because it sounded too dirty. No one was fazed by your SLCC Balls comment over at Jenn's blog so I wouldn't worry about it too much. Also, I promise I will stop giving you grief over not mentioning me in the "10 years ago" category.


Tolyk said...

Come on, T...out with it! We can't wait to hear ALL about you! :)

jenn said...

Ha, ha! Being tagged/SLCC balls...oh, how a man's mind works! Let's hear it're up!

Kajsa Farnsworth said...

Guys, I know! I never would have thought anything about his initial "tagged" wording. Of course he also routinely rewords his comments on various blogs because, and I quote, "eewww, I can't believe I wrote that. I sound like a girl. I am going to get so much crap over this blogging thing."

{jane} said...

I love it! Really Troy, you're not going to get crap over the blogging thing... You saw Dusty's pictures in the pink apron, right?!? We were dying over your comment about it! By the way, I told Nicole I had a real Mr. Mom friend in Arizona who was totally HOT Mr. mom and if you were in town she should call you for a photo shoot. :-)

The "tagged" thing is hilarious!

Troy can always tag Dusty, Chris, Matt McAfee, Matt Staker and other blogging-husbands next so more males are included!

Sara said...

Oh, Janey, honey, you are so in trouble when Matt realizes it was you who suggested Troy tag him... :)