Sunday, March 16, 2008

Easter, Brady Style

Our first Easter Egg hunt! The HOA loaded the park with eggs and made all of the kids wait 15 minutes longer than initially planned. I thought there was going to be a riot - the bigger kids were angry, yelling, and grabbing the yellow tape ready to destroy!

Ready, set, go...

Brady thinks eggs are boring, eats sand and lunges for Mom's camera.

Maybe this is because Mom tried to pass off her purse as an Easter basket.

Meeting up with Dad for some pizza at Sauce was much more Brady's style.

Enough with the pictures!

Happy Easter!


{jane} said...

Your Easter Egg hunt actually looks like Spring has arrived! We woke up this morning to snow, again. I love that the egg hunt is at the playground in sand!

Happy Easter, Brady!!!

Anonymous said...

Easter already? did i miss it? everything looks great. i see you found our low effort blog. best wishes to BKT!

Annalyn said...

Looks like he is having so much fun. Little things like Easter Egg hunts sure start to mean more when your kids are involved!

jenn said...

Happy Easter indeed!

I've never been to an egg hunt in the sand...looks fun! I can't believe it's Easter already. What happened to having it in April? March doesn't seem quite right, although your sunny egg hunt does.

Hope you had a good weekend!

jenn said...

I'm totally laughing because when I wrote in my post that we were going to SLCC I actually thought "balls" (sorry Kajsa!) in my mind. I don't think that story ever gets funny!

And, the only reason that Peoria didn't crack my top 5 was because I felt like I needed to give props to my Mom and Dad for sending me on a major vacation without them when I was only 12! Otherwise, you KNOW I would have named that trip! It seriously was one of our faves. I feel so cool that we got to see you play. =)

And last but not least...Lake Powell anyone? We so need to go again. Let's plan a date.

Hope you guys have a great week!

Rebecca Storms said...

I am so glad to see your blog. Reading through it brought back so many fun memories. Brady is so cute and has gotten so big.

Sara said...

Fun! We haven't even dyed our eggs yet (FHE tonight) but my boys are dying for an Egg Hunt! Love it that you used your "purse" for the "basket" and Brady wasn't buying it. Hee hee!

Elisha said...

Hi you guys! I'm so glad you found our blog and to discover that you have one as well! Brady is absolutely adorable. Glad you guys are enjoying the warm sunshine.

Unknown said...

Awe cute!
I don't blame Brady for wanting to get out of there! I'm all about low key egg hunting!!!
Cute bag by the way!

jenn said...

9 comments...look at you guys go! Not sure why, but it makes blogging all the funner. Thought I would make it 10. =)

I'm still waiting for Troy to comply with the tag...let's see it!

{jane} said...

Mr. Mom,

Where is your tag? You need to turn off ESPN, give Brady some extra exciting/high-energy playtime so he'll take a long nap and do the tag! Geesh, we're all waiting! ;-)