Thursday, March 13, 2008

Soooo High School

I found this blog test over at Clementine. Apparently Troy & I write at a high school level which is only fitting considering that our comments section resembles a Granger High School reunion!

blog readability test

I am actually thrilled considering this thing can return an Elementary rating. Kudos to Troy who constantly responds to me yelling across the house "Ime bloging - come and help mah spell and write goood!" Troy has serious spelling skills which drives me nuts because I AM ALWAYS READING while he prefers not to read anything more lengthy than the captions in Sports Illustrated. I am so jealous of his skills!


{jane} said...

i love quizzes like this, I received a "High School" rating too... I don't think my "da monster truck show" post could have helped! ha!

Sara said...

Way to go! I'm not even going to admit what rating I got on mine! Guess I'll have to keep a thesaurus handy!