Monday, March 03, 2008

New Developments & Blogging Help

I am in desperate need of some blogging/computers in general help. Does anyone know how to download videos from their camcorder (are they still called this or am I a total dinosaur?) to their computer? We bought the video thing in 2004 and it records to a miniature tape-sort-of device. It came with a cord that plugs in to our computer. However, our computer doesn't automatically recognize this as a storage device and/or explicitly tell me what to do from there.

I am dying to get some of our videos on youtube so I can show everyone that Brady is now walking. That's right, he is WALKING ON HIS OWN ALL OVER THE HOUSE! Thanks to Coach Farnsworth, Brady is even carrying a mini basketball around and dunking it in his little hoop! It's just not the same telling everyone about it. I want to show video proof!


{jane} said...

Way to go Coach Farnsworth - I love the title! But, more importantly, Way to go Brady!!!

I wish I could help, I download my videos from my flash/memory card from my camera. I will try to find out how to from a tape. I have 2 neighbors that I think do it that way...

Lindsay said...

I wish I could help with your computer problems, but I actually wanted to say thank you for your sweet comment on our blog. It's so nice to know there are people who understand. And you little boy is SO adorable! :)
- Lindsay Bailey

Unknown said...

I'm no help either!
I want to try this too.
Our 'video thing' is digital, though so we download it right to the computer. I just need to get on YouTube. Maybe I'll do that right now.

Unknown said...

Troy and Kasja,

This is Stuart. I can help you with downloading your digital videos from your camcorder to your computer. Give me a call or send me an email. I'll walk you through it. I believe what the cable you have is called a 'firewire' cable.

jenn said...

I SWEAR that I left you a comment on this all ready...weird!!!

Anyway, all I said was that I too am zero help with the techno stuff and SO COOL that Brady is walking all over the house! I loved seeing him walk a bit at Christmas, all over? So awesome. Two thumbs up little man! =)

And can I just say again that you two are the best parents! What a great family you are.