Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Jane Rhodes has tagged us and I'm going first because a joint tag would require Troy and me (Troy is interrupting and trying to change this to 'Troy and I') to work together on a post and see, we are already arguing!
Ten years ago... 1998-I was working full time as an administrative assistant for AT&T Media, living in my parents' basement and going to school at the University of Utah. I was in a ridiculously dramatic, on again, off again relationship with some guy and Mindy Taylor convinced me to go out with one of Scott's friends from Granger who was reported to be both, and I quote, "hot" and "nice." Troy was indeed hot and nice and we went out twice before he left for spring training and I got back together with that other guy. It's a good thing Mindy is persistent because she and Scott were forced to set us up AGAIN in 2002. Obviously the second time stuck!
5 places I've visited...
Other than those parts of Canada & Mexico that are close to the border, my feet have remained firmly planted on U.S. soil. Some of my favorite trips/places...
  • Washington DC
  • Seattle
  • Chicago
  • Minneapolis (on account of that ginormous mall)
  • Oahu
There are so many great places I have yet to see (including NYC!) but the thought of traveling to foreign countries stresses me out. I have always admired those people I know that travel the world!

I enjoy...
  • Troy & Brady (I promise I'm not being cheesy. I really do not get to spend enough time with either of them)
  • Blogging, my new hobby
  • Reading, my lifelong hobby
  • Vegging on the couch watching Oprah, Grey's, Biggest Loser, HGTV, Discovery Health Channel, and totally random shows on MTV/VH1
  • Tennis - Troy taught me a few years ago
  • Skiing - the ONLY sport I can kick Troy's butt in
  • Running - although it's been YEARS

3 bad habits... Only three?

  • Eating junk & never exercising
  • Blog stalking. I am super embarrassed to admit that I like to 'browse' everybody's friends' links, blogs, etc. I am getting better at fessing up and leaving comments. I still don't have a feel for proper blog etiquette!
  • Troy says that I have to list not putting the lids on my contact cases (or anything else) at night. Personally, I think this is no biggie.

5 things you may not know about me...

  • Kajsa is a swedish name that my great aunt found in geneology
  • I was an alternate on the academic decathlon team in high school. Yes, alternate. That means I am a big enough nerd to be on the team but not smart enough to compete. To this day I get along spectacularly with engineers, techies, quants, etc. even though I only understand half of what they say.
  • I have big feet. Have you ever shopped for size 10 1/2? It doesn't exist so I slosh around in 11's or wince in pain every time I take a step.
  • I routinely read medical journals, although US Weekly is a close 2nd.
  • I am a morning person/early bird which Troy hates.

5 jobs I have had...

  • Piano accompanist in a ballet studio - jr. high
  • Bank teller (my cash ALWAYS has to face a certain way now) - college
  • Manager of Red's Frozen Yogurt - high school
  • Risk analyst (swap pricing and option volatility) on a trade floor - in H-town
  • Mommy - unfortunately this occurs outside of work but it's still my job!

I'm tired and you might be asleep if you made it through this list. I now tag Troy (that's two so you better do it!), Erin Johanson and Jenn Culley.


{jane} said...

You're a good sport, thanks for "tagging!" I love learning more about everyone!

a morning person? how is that? I have not been able to find one thing my entire life to motivate me about being excited to get up. My body wants to wake up on it's own about 10 hours after whatever time I've gone to bed {usually very late.}

I want you to leave the country, one day, the rest of the world is not scary...it's a good stress ;-)

I don't think my brain will ever understand what you do...Risk Analyst? I think Troy has explained it to me about 3 times and kudos to you! It's a good thing the world has brains like yours because mine would be of no help!

Sara said...

Fun to read more about you! Way to go on your post!

jenn said...

Wow, my first tag! I will be happy to comply. Hopefully this weekend!

I loved reading this about you. "Tags" are always my favorite.

So impressed you are a morning person and have had all those impressive jobs! Especially loved that you were the pianist in a ballet studio (in Jr. High none the less). Super cool.

Unknown said...

I never knew you played the piano! I love learning random things about people!

I'm ok going out of the country... as long as I don't have to eat anything weird!

I've never snow skiied, you'd kick my butt too!

Anonymous said...

You and Jane totally have the snooping on other peoples' friends' blogs thing in common. Sometimes I'll even be like, "who's that?" And the reply will usually be... "I don't know... I just started clicking 'next blog' and I'm about 40 into it." (which by the way... if you click "next blog" on ours it is "Blog Da Tica"- NO FREAKING IDEA WHAT THAT IS! And down the road a bit is one with naked people. :)).
Anyway, something you and I have in common- proper stacking/sorting of money... has to face the same way and can't be upside down. :) I'll sit and organize my money at 7-11, taking out all creases and bent corners before letting someone else check out.
Ok, that is it... we can't wait until you two move back to Zion. :) Seriously!